Work in steps. Believe in the word of mouth

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The Internet involves impressive numbers. It is possible to create an email marketing list with millions of names, scan thousands of profiles and personal pages of a social network in minutes, or invest in links and sponsored ads to have millions of website visits or app downloads.
This makes it very tempting to think only about thousands and millions. However, always think about the unit. Believe in the Internet’s greatest strength, that made the fame and fortune of several companies such as Google, Facebook, and Twitter. Think about word of mouth.

The Internet, essentially, allows a message to spread very quickly and with credibility. After all, it is a friend of mine sending me a message to read about a subject. There is nothing more natural and organic than that. There is nothing more efficient, regarding communication than your message being transmitted by the words of someone that the consumer knows.

I’m not saying that this must be the only way. After all, advertising is advertising, and you have to reach thousands or millions of people, mostly your target audience, but efficiently.

You must always have in mind that word of mouth is one of the greatest strengths of the Internet, and must be considered in every action.

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